About Us

Perfect Strangers are a Hard Rock band originating from Brampton, Ontario. Made up of members, Ryan Sparks (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Anthony Vitanza (Vocals, Lead Guitar), Erin Ratcliffe (Bass Guitar), and Brian Warren (Drums).

Perfect Strangers consists of a mixture of roaring guitars with heavy rock riffs that will blow your mind, songs with meaning and emphasis on feeling, and modern indie/alternative twists in the vocals and compositions. Perfect Strangers has carved their way through the Canadian rock scene by playing shows throughout Canada and releasing music that listeners can identify with and enjoy all at the same time.

With the release of their 2022 debut self titled EP their fan base has grown significantly beyond what they could ever imagine. They have came to play and reignite the spark in the rock and roll world with a mix of fast, loud, and energetic rock music.