Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers are a Hard Rock band originating from Brampton, Ontario.

Consisting of Ryan Sparks (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Anthony Vitanza (Vocals, Lead Guitar), Erin Ratcliffe (Bass Guitar), and Brian Warren (Drums).

They have came to play and reignite the spark in the rock and roll world with a mix of fast, loud, and energetic rock music.


    It’s official! Social Decay is coming soon! Perfect Strangers third EP is coming! This record ushers in a new era of the band with new ideas and new sounds. Get ready for the record before it’s here by listening to the new singles! Recorded at Catherine North studios in Hamilton, ON.

    MAY 3RD 12:00AM 

    That’s right! Perfect Strangers is going on tour to support their new record, Social Decay! The tour starts on May 10th in Oshawa! Get your tickets using our store or get tickets at the door!

  • Tear Me Apart

    The final single before the bands next major release is here! Tear Me Apart ushers in a new era of music from the band. New sounds, new gear, new looks! The only thing to do now is keep listening until their new release is unleashed upon the world.

  • Dead Man’s Hand

    Dead Man’s Hand is the third single of 2024 brought you by Perfect Strangers. Another track that takes you back to their riff packed first EP. Only more single remains before their big project of the year!

  • Polygon

    Perfect Strangers second single of 2024 is here! Polygon is a return to the hard rock sound of their first EP with a bit of that classic rock influence sprinkled in. Take a listen to it now!

  • Scary Movies

    Perfect Strangers first single of 2024 has arrived. Scary Movies is the bands nod to punk rock and obviously scary movies. This is their first instalment towards their big project of the year. Keep in touch to see what’s coming next.

  • Running From A Nightmare EP

    The next chapter in Perfect Strangers discography is coming soon. This 7 song EP is packed full of everything you could ever want out of a hard rock EP. With roaring riffs, supersonic solos, driving bass, booming drums, and powerful vocals and lyrics, this is an EP you don’t want to miss out on.

  • Are You The One?

    Perfect Strangers newest single Are You The One? has brought a new rock heat to 2023! With powerful driving riffs and an insane breakdown/solo, you really can’t miss this one! With this single release begs the question… what’s next?

  • A Song For You

    Perfect Strangers new single, a change of pace from their debut ep this song is more stripped down and relaxed. With heavy emotions and light tones this single is a song for you. With the release of this single begs the question… is there an album on the way?

  • Perfect Strangers EP

    Perfect Strangers' brand-new, self-titled EP. A gigantic sound of powerful, energising rock music with some modern and classic additions. Listen now on all streaming services.